'Until a couple of weeks ago...i was in absolute agony..have been walking with a stick since a fluke accident 10 years ago and had multiple operations in an attempt to try and fix my shattered friend...Geraldine gave me a pyramid...made of resin and filled with crystals and copper wire...she makes them herself...they are beeaaautiful...soo i put it by my bed...and the next day...i woke up without the headaches i had been having for months...sooo yaaay...and then over next few days...i kept getting cramp in my damaged the foot...and i have not been able to feel this foot for over ten years...sooo yaaay yaaay yaaay..unbelievable...only thing in my life different is this pyramid...sooo how magickal is that...seeems leg is beginning to recover...despite being pinned and fused...thank you thank you thank you...' - Lilth L   


What can I say!..My hubby bought my first pyramid for me on Saturday at The Forum (for Mothers Day) We came away with it & it was amazing how the pyramid had chosen me & when we looked at the information sheet it was all to do with what is going on in my life & what I need help with.I was absolutely amazed!..Sunday we decided to go to St Andrews Hall as I wanted another pyramid to help with my Arthritis which is chronic & extremely painful the majority of the time.I was after a purple one but nothing seemed to jump out at me.Geraldine told me that the green ones were also very good for Arthritis then this beautiful crystal pyramid jumped out at me & got my attention!..That was the one!..I had no intention of buying any more but then a beautiful pink one caught my eye & again that was it!..I took them home & instantly felt their energies..Felt a few twinges in the joints,amazing how they got to work straight away!.Last night I put them both in the bedroom on my bed side cabinet & woke this morning feeling extremely calm & relaxed,not how I normally wake on a Monday morning with the start of the week of school runs ahead!.My heart rate is also lower last week it was above average at 95bpm..Today it's in the average band of 64bpm.Absolutely amazing!..The couple on the stall were so friendly & helpful & full of amazing information..I have already been spreading the word on these amazing crystal pyramids by word of mouth & on my social media!.Can't wait to add to my collection!.Thank you so much � X x X Sarah S

We love to know that we are helping people, any reviews and feedback is always much appreciated. 

'Met Geraldine at Mind Body and Spirit at The Halls in Norwich today,I stopped at her stall, I was fascinated, I have not seen these pyramids before, of course I bought one it now has pride of place, I also bought one for my grand daughter.
No matter what way you turn the pyramid there is something beautiful to see.
Keep up the good work, I shall be back for more' - Karen E 

'Bought a beautiful pyramid full of Citrine, Godstone, Jasper Picture, Gold Tigers Eye and Black Tourmaline for my soon to be son's nursery and I am totally in love with it and cannot wait to get more! ! Thank you xxx' - Laura J 


Beautiful creations- I was instantly drawn to these beautiful crystal pyramids and they do not disappoint! The energy from them is beautiful and resonates with me. They are visually beautiful and so artistic- I love them and want more! - Victoria B

'I bought a BEAUTIFUL pyramid from Geraldine at Mystical Messengers a few weeks ago. It has pride of place in my lounge. I use the pyramid as a tool to help me meditate. 

The love that goes into these crafts is unmistakeable and the pyramids are of the highest quality.

I highly recommend that you buy one for yourself so you can see!' - Sophie C 

'I am so thrilled with my crystal pyramid it gives such a lovely balancing energy, is beautifully made & is so unique. I'm sure I will go onto to add many more to my collection. I recommend you to all for a first class & caring service. Many thanks xx' - Lorraine B

'These pyramids are exquisite and the thought that goes into the creation of each pyramid is obvious. Geraldine is a true craftsman, who uses her talent to offer items that will help a person focus their energy. 

My pyramid was shipped from England to the US, without any problems. As a hypnotherapist, I highly recommend using one of these pyramid’s as a focal point for meditation and as a tool to help balance chakra points and sooth energy.' - Rhonda P


 I bought a crystal pyramid from Geraldine yesterday it's affordable, and worth every penny, you can feel the loving vibrations and calmness that these where made with, 
Thank-you so much I love it xxxxxx - Sandra M  


Received my pyramid and hand stones and they are stunning!!!! Brilliant service too. Very helpful couple. Will certainly be purchasing more in the future. Thank you so much xx Felicity B 


I already have 2 of these wonderful pyramids and have another custom one on order which i am looking forward to collecting in person next weekend. The work that goes into these creations is incredible and the wonderful energies the pyramids give off is just beautiful. I can guarantee anyone who buys one of these pyramids will not be disappointed. I believe everyone should have at least one of these in their home :) xxx - Kelly P

'Thank you for my special custom made Pyramid. The energy it has is so cool, calm and peaceful, just what I need!!' - Julie C

'Got a pyramid for Christmas, it's absolutely beautiful and looks even more amazing on the light box! Definitely would get another!xx'- Katie 

'I have a wonderful pyramid from Mystical has citrine and gold leaf in it for upliftment and a Buddha also for meditation..I have used it for meditation and also will be using it regularly with all my treatments. .Geraldine and Hannah make them with love and they have a beautiful pure energy around each and everyone if them..everyone who sees them are drawn too them for their light, love and crystal energy which radiates from them..they are prisms of energy and light..I will be recommending them too all my clients..xx' - Michelle S