Our "EMF Busters" which has become a common term for the small “Orgonite" Crystal devices that convert Negative Energy into Positive Energy…. These have been known to work very well against 4G, 5G and other EMF that is produced around us….


In each disc we use different combinations of crystals for all-round healing and protection; when all of these crystals are in balance and their energy is flowing freely it promotes a feeling of wellness and vitality in your body … 


This piece contains Black Tourmaline, Blue Howlite, Amethyst, Dalmation Jasper, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz Pure Copper & Aluminium and is finished with a gold tone around the symbol


🌸💕🌿Clear Quartz the master healing crystal possesses a high vibration that immediately talks to people, and it can be used to magnify frequencies of abundance, light, and love or in fact any intention you wish to amplify. It is a powerful crystal that embodies white spiritual light and is the most versatile crystal to use... It stimulates all chakras from the Crown to the Root and you can also program clear quartz...it really is unlike any other crystal from Mother Earth ....Clear Quartz vibrates a 786,000 pulses per millisecond Its continuum moves faster than light. Its vibration the axis of the universe so not only does it amplifly orgone energy it produces what is called a piezoelectric effect. This effect takes place in the Orgonite Crystal healing Pyramid as a result of the resin hardening... it squeezes the crystals creating an electrical charge!Piezoelectricity literally, “pressing electricity”


🌸💕🌿Blue Howlite Blue is a great crystal that helps to reduce stress, anxiety and anger. It improves communication as blue means it is associated with the throat chakra.....Howlite provides a warm sense of security that will help you through your day and to also take a more positive outlook.... It creates a calming influence that also is great at helping you sleep better too!


🌸💕🌿Dalmatian Jasper reconnects you with your youth enhancing your playfulness and energy. It is also known to be a significant deterrent of bad dreams and negative emotions, as well as strengthening family bonds and long term friendships..


🌸💕🌿Amethyst - strong healing & cleansing, enhances spiritual awareness, powerful & protecting, enhances memory & motivation, helps you achieve more realistic goals..It is a powerful and protective stone with a high vibration. It helps to protect against psychic attacks and can enhance the memory as well as assist in deeper understanding when you meditate.


🌸💕🌿Red Jasper is known to have a healing and calming effect on the energy of the chakra, helping you to develop a more balanced approach towards your life on the physical plain.


🌸💕🌿Black Tourmaline in everything we make ... we call it the BODYGUARD stone that provides protection and elimination of negative energy and as well as clearing, cleansing and protecting.. it is one of the most powerful and effective crystals for reducing anxiety….


🌸💕🌿 Pure Copper to the mix to enhance the vibrational healing properties of the crystals and copper enhances brain function and promotes emotional harmony.... it also brings balance to the body.....


The ideal thing to do with our "EMF Buster set is to place them in a grid around your home … ideal places are beside your hub, television, mobile phone charging points; inside or beside your Gas and Electric meter boxes especially important if you have a Smart Meter to help to decrease sensitivity to EMF.  Or for personal use if you are feeling that you need grounding or protection then carry it around with you ...


Like everything we make these are based on “orgone energy" principle….so having these around you in your home can give you increased energy, a decreased sensitivity to EMF’s, improved sleep, they can aid mediation all whilst balancing energy around you and enhancing your spiritual growth


It goes without saying that these beautiful pieces are also designed to be used for crystal healing, manifestation, meditation, making crystal grid boards….balancing energy around you and your home …See our example using one of our Pyramids in the centre of the grid... 


** please note the pyramid is not included in this set but for illustration purposes only **

(it is listed for sale separately)


We are offering these small devices for just £45 for the complete set of 7  (a £25 saving on the individual selling prices of £10 each)


Approx measurements 44 mm x 13.5 mm


As with everything it comes to you charged with Angelic Reiki healing energies and made with lots of love 


** Please note that this is hand made with natural crystals formed over millions of years and therefore may have some natural imperfections. This also means that each crystal we sell is completely unique and so may differ from the pictures shown slightly.  There can also be air bubbles present in the finish .... This does not affect the healing properties in any way.


**Disclaimer Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be conside red as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, you should consult your Doctor and make complementary healing part of a complete health care programme.


Each piece is unique and colour and shape but the photography shows a good representation of what you will receive.

Orgonite Black Sacred Geometry Symbols Crystal Orgonite EMF Busters