This pyramid has been created to help you connect with  ♥ ARCHANGEL METATRON'S healing energy....His healing is sent in the form of the vibration of these sacred geometric shapes entering your system at your crown chakra and flowing through all chakras for perfect balance. When you ask Metatron for his healing or to raise your spiritual vibration, this is what he will essentially do, so it can help to visualise a shape you resonate with travelling through your chakras...Meditate with this pyramid visualising the energy from Metatron's cube spinning down through your chakras ...


Archangel Metatron is also known as the Angel of Ascension.... is a wonderful Archangel to call upon for help with spiritual development and learning. He is also known as the Archangel who watches over indigo and crystal souls, and sensitive children in general, helping them channel their sensitivities for good and without fear.


He is one of only two Archangels,  the other being Archangel Sandalphon,  who is thought to have had a human incarnation on earth.. The meaning of his name is disputed between mystics but one suggested meaning is “He who works from behind the Throne” (of God). This fits with his status as the Archangel who can bring humankind to the highest possible vibration. Archangel Metatron is associated with the Kabbala, the Tree of Life and sacred geometric shapes and of course “Metatron cube” represented in this beautiful pyramids..


Archangel Metatron resonates with the colours white, pink and green (represented by the crystals inside this pyramid) ....Archangel Metatron represents pure white light, aids children's developmental problems, wisdom, awakenings and new realities. Archangel Metatron is the overseer of the Indigo and Crystal children..


This Pyramid is a seriously heavy piece and contains : ♥ Rose Quartz ♥ Clear Quartz ♥ Fire and Ice Quartz ♥ Snow Quartz ♥ Amethyst ♥ Black Tourmaline ♥  Green Fluorite

 ♥ Purple Fluorite ♥ Rainbow Fluorite ♥  Green Aventurine and ♥ Tree Agate

♥ Aluminium and ♥ Pure Copper


Introductory price for a limited time Just ♥ £79 ♥ (will be £100)


♥ This pyramid comes to you charged with Angelic Reiki healing energy ♥


** Please note that this is hand made with natural crystals formed over millions of years and therefore may have some natural imperfections. This also means that each crystal we sell is completely unique and so may differ from the pictures shown slightly. This does not affect the healing properties in any way.

Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be conside
red as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, you should consult your Doctor and make complementary healing part of a complete health care programme.

Each piece is unique and colour and shape but the photography shows a good representation of what you will receive.


Approx size 135 mm x 135 mm

Orgonite Archangel Metatron Crystal Healing Pyramid