Since ancient times, crystals have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties. Crystals can help heal deep-seated issues, bringing good health and happiness. Each crystal has its own unique healing properties, some are more suited for abundance and prosperity, while others are better for love, relationships and harmony, protection and deflecting negativity. Why a Pyramid? ….. A Pyramid can be described as a "cosmic antenna" as three times more cosmic energy flows through it….. Add to this the healing power of the crystal energies within our Pyramids which are naturally enhanced with the addition of pure copper. 

Our Crystal Healing Pyramids can help reduce stress. anxiety and tension, sleep issues, self confidence and give us a feeling of wellbeing not just in ourselves but in the environment we live in too……bringing balance into our hearts and homes…..

Why buy a Pyramid from us? What makes us different is we primarily focus on crystal healing energies. The crystals are carefully chosen to work together and are made with love. Pure copper inside conducts spiritual energy back and forth between the crystals constantly giving off positive healing energy. Our Crystal Healing Pyramids work by drawing in negative energy and converting it into positive energy.