The lotus is said to be symbolic of the original flower of Lemuria and signifies turning towards the light out of the deep. Allow your journey to unfold and don't force it for it will come effortlessly when the time is right.A very important spiritual symbol in Buddhism along with several other religions, the lotus is generally seen as a sign of enlightenment. The lotus flower has grown out of the dark, muddy water of materialism to open it’s petals to the sunshine of enlightenment. This symbol represents the journey out of darkness and into transformation. It is also a sign of the importance of detachment, as water droplets slide easily off the pedals. Allow yourself to unfold like the petals of the sacred lotus.


This beautiful piece has been created using Archangel Zadkiel's Violet Flame energy ...Archangel Zadkiel rules the highest vibration in the rainbow, the Violet Ray which is the 7th ray of the rainbow’s colour spectrum. ...Archangel Zadkiel is the guardian of the ‘Violet Flame of Transformation and Healing’, which has the highest vibrational frequency. ...This brings soul freedom and joy by releasing us from our limiting behaviours, concepts, beliefs and karmic binds or lessons....Archangel Zadkiel has the mission of helping us with our spiritual growth and accessing angelic guidance, wisdom and understanding...resonating with contemplation and meditation, and bringing balance, calmness and peace to an anxious, troubled mind, easing worry, irritation and tension....


This beautiful Crystal Healing Lotus Flower contains Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst,  Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Pure Copper....and has a Tibetan Silver Butterfly on one of its petals ...


💙Amethyst - strong healing & cleansing, enhances spiritual awareness, powerful & protecting, enhances memory & motivation, helps you achieve more realistic goals (Chevron) - aids a good night’s sleep, brings positive dreams


💙Chevron Amethyst - which is special because it’s a combination of amethyst, quartz and smoky quartz! The bands reveal the different layers of stones so you get the peaceful properties of amethyst, the magnifying properties of quartz, the protective and clearing properties of smoky quartz. It connects to the Third Eye chakra, enhancing intuition and clearing the aura...creating a protective bubble you to ward off psychic attacks and any negative energies


💙Clear Quartz the master healing crystal possesses a high vibration that immediately talks to people, and it can be used to magnify frequencies of abundance, light, and love or in fact any intention you wish to amplify. It is a powerful crystal that embodies white spiritual light and is the most versatile crystal to use... It stimulates all chakras from the Crown to the Root and you can also program clear really is unlike any other crystal from Mother Earth


💙Black Tourmaline in everything we make ... we call it the BODYGUARD stone that provides protection and elimination of negative energy and as well as clearing, cleansing and protecting.. it is one of the most powerful and effective crystals for reducing anxiety


💙Pure copper which enhances brain function and promotes emotional harmony and of course copper also brings balance to the body…..


This beautiful Lotus Flower was and as with all our Crystal Healing Creations comes to you charged with Angelic Reiki healing energy


The Crown Chakra, known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara, is the seventh chakra and is located at the top of the head..... It is the gateway to spiritual wisdom..... It also connects the individual to the wider universe, helping each person feel their connection to the universal energy.... A blocked crown chakra can limit spiritual growth and cause isolation and emotional distress...


Healing the Crown Chakra can take many forms and using one of our Crystal Healing Lotus Flowers is one of them .... they can be used for Meditation which is one of the most effective methods for balancing the chakras.... To open the Crown Chakra, it can help to visualize a brilliant white or violet light pouring into the top of your head, washing away any blockages. It can also help to visualize this violet lotus flower unfurling, because the symbol of the Crown Chakra is a lotus flower with 1,000 petals. Regular meditation is the most important factor in healing this chakra.... you can just use it on its own ... light a candle and watch the flame ...or some people put a set of the little micro fairy lights inside....whatever helps you focus ...


** Please note that this is hand made with natural crystals formed over millions of years and therefore may have some natural imperfections. This also means that each crystal we sell is completely unique and so may differ from the pictures shown slightly. This does not affect the healing properties in any way. 



Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be conside

red as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, you should consult your Doctor and make complementary healing part of a complete health care programme.


Approx size 103mm x 103mm

Weights may vary slightly


Each piece is unique and colour and shape but the photography shows a good representation of what you will receive.

Violet Flame Crown Chakra Lotus Flower