Would you like to enhance all areas of your life? Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? At the same time protect yourself from the Electro-Magnetic Radiation given off by equipment including wi-fi, computers, mobiles, televisions and microwaves. EMS is a subtle but detectable electromagnetic field that can have an adverse effect on sensitive people.

Gemstones have long been used as a powerful and alluring tool to eliminate negativity and enhance spiritual awareness and positive energy.

Ideal for meditation or to place near your computer, or next to your bed to aid sleep, or pop it in the garden and see your plants grow. The use is endless and limited only by your imagination Then we have Crystal Healing Pyramids that can help you …..

The benefits of owning one of our Crystal Healing Pyramids

Experience more vitality and restful sleep Relieve mental and physical stress Aid meditation and increase spiritual growth Create a more harmonious home and work place Protect yourself from negative energies Clear emotional and energetic blocks Energise plants Calming and relaxing for children and pets

Silver is used to strengthen the connections between the physical and astral bodies has a strong relationship to the moon can also be used to reflect and enhance the energy of the moon, and then use that energy to charge other stones. It has a natural healing belief that tunes with the vibrations and flow of the universe.