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Our Crystal Healing Pyramids are based on an Orgonite Pyramid which is a spiritual tool that can be used to enhance all areas of your life....physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually..... What makes ours unique is we are lovingly guided to work intuitively on each one....and depending on which Pyramid you are drawn to you will receive the added benefit of the beautiful healing properties emanating from the crystals inside .......

How do they work?
Quite simply they draw in negative energy and convert it into positive energy.  Pure copper is added with the crystals which enhances their energy and the resin in the pyramid shrinks during the process, so it is permanently squeezing the crystal inside, which constantly gives off positive energy. By simply being near one of our pyramids, hearts or spheres, negative energy will disappear creating a more healthy and balanced state. 

Each one is bespoke, made with love and sent to you already charged with healing Reiki keeping it close you will benefit from its vibrations and energies.